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The Senior Voice - Page 5, Crystal Lake, Il., & Surrounding Counties


This is not just a story about me but about all the wonderful seniors that every year is growing in substantial numbers. They are Fathers, Mothers, Grandfathers, and Grandmothers, relatives, friends & acquaintances who have life experiences filled with knowledge to give us all..
Over the years, I was involved in 9 public & private business ventures as a Chairman & or President. Baby boomers have been retiring in droves & estimates are in the range of 70 mil over the next two years. Due to current economic conditions large numbers find themselves in rough financial straights. Where possible, some have gone back to the firms they work for, some part time in the same or new fields of endeavor and many are looking around for some type of gainful employment or starting up new businesses. A lot of talent is out there from seasoned professionals who have a lot to contribute & I am suggesting that they can pursue there hopes & dreams to create new business and jobs for themselves, others and suppliers who would contribute product or service’s to new operations. Special attention and imagination for nitch type business might accelerate success. The entrepreneurial drive of Americans knows no bounds. For those on the fence, remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I am 80 years of age and have just started my 10th business career. I retired at 77 & then started my long dream to be an Artist. Grandma Moses started her art career about the same age & worked at it successfully till 100. She was exceptionally popular. Mr. Sanders & his Kentucky Fried Chicken achieved huge success from 80 on.

I have been told by many that my paintings are museum quality. At 18 years of age I attended classes at the Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois. For 3 years I have been building my oil painting inventory and six weeks ago I put up my web site on the Internet. (http://www.edwardhalpernartist.com). On average, original oil paintings can sell today for $1,000.00 to $15,000.00 depending on the size & if it is low end, medium or top end subject matter.

The art market has not been doing well for some time. In New York & elsewhere many dealers have gone out of business and most are having difficult times.

My interest is to expand the market to reach more of the average consumer so that more people can be able to enjoy Art and that means great value for the price. Approximately 80% less then the cost for originals. I can achieve that by using a process called Giclee (pronounced Zee-Clay) which are reproduced individually on canvas from a digital scan of the original oil painting. This equipment gets every nuance & all the detail from the original. It is a revolutionary high fidelity reproduction & other then the texture it is virtually impossible to distinguish the original from the reproduction. It is not lithography: Zee-Clay’s are not prints. Colors are brighter & continuous tone, rather then tiny dots.

My passion is to share the magical creation of Art, while promoting my work.

I want to tell others that you can make a success happen by using your brain power, your background, your skill and by invoking perseverance. It is the American way! At my site, www.edwardhalpernartist.com I show “The Anatomy of an Oil Painting”, the gradual development of how the finished work is produced & unfolds into a work of excellence. A lot like a business or your life enfolds, in stages, in this case it is the business of Art.

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