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"Life, Love and Adventure:

The True Story of Edward and Dianne Halpern"

By Edward Halpern

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This is the story of two lifetimes still going strong – on the way to 100 plus!

In this Autobiography-Memoir, I present my historical reminiscences with the rich and famous from 1930 through 2015. Some names you may know, some you may not, depending on your age.  

Read about my brushes with SIDNEY KORSHAK, mouthpiece for the mob, and big business and government moguls in Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Also, read about my encounters with
world-famous artist IVAN ALBRIGHT, SID LUCKMAN the best football quarterback that ever lived, who played for the Chicago Bears, and YELLOW KID WEIL, the most known and successful
con man/swindler in history, as well as legendary singer VIC DAMONE.

I’ve corresponded with three-term California Governor EARL WARREN, Vice-Presidential Candidate under Thomas E. Dewey in1948, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court through
June 23, 1969, and Chairman of the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

My other correspondence is with KEN ETO, a Chicago mob boss also known as Tokyo Joe or the Jap; ELMER BALABAN, one of seven brothers who owned the 125 Balaban and Katz Movie
Theatres, later Paramount Pictures; and Francis George, Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and His Excellency Romano Prodi, Prime Minister of Italy.

Tour the world with me and my beloved wife to Chicago, Milwaukee and across the US, plus Canada, and Western Europe at the time.

** Ten percent of the net profits from book sales will be donated to support United States veterans.