Edward HalpernMy Passion

Edward L Halpern Artist                   

At 18 years of age I took Art classes at the Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois.

In February 1951, I entered the Armed Forces of the USA for two years & was honorably discharged.

In 1954 I married the girl who lived around the corner from me. I proposed on the first date and six weeks later we tied the knot. That was 56 years ago and I have loved her every minute since.

By the end of 1958 we had added two children and began to raise our family.

For 53 years since marriage, as an entrepreneur I started many and was involved in numerous businesses, both private and public companies. I have had nine business careers and am now pursuing my tenth.

In 2007 I went back to my first love, which was oil painting on canvas.

In 2010, at the age of 80 years I am building my oil painting selection of diversified subject matter and am busier then ever.

I have a plan to bring outstanding art to the public at bargain prices. Using the form of giclee (pronounced zee-clay) oil paintings on canvas, in the style of my artwork which is realism.